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Our Management Team

National Account Manager
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Jule Maxwell’s experience in the book and multimedia field, combined with her familiarity with the needs of customers, makes her uniquely qualified to assist our clients on every level. Jule worked as a Sales Account Manager for Borders with territories including the states of Texas and Oklahoma. Prior to Borders, Jule managed Shakespeare Books, a small independent bookstore located in Dallas, Texas. She has 25 years experience in book sales with a particular emphasis in business to business outside sales.

Jule’s passion for, knowledge of and dedication to the book industry become immediately evident to colleagues and clients alike. She readily makes herself available to answer questions and work with clients to ensure quotes and orders are placed and delivered on time. With Jule Maxwell, you have a respected and trustworthy partner for your purchasing needs.



Managing Partner
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Chris Kerrigan has an entrepreneurial background, having created or partnered in numerous ventures over the past 15 years. Though currently living in Portland, Oregon, Chris serves as Managing Partner with Express Booksellers and is the president of Metropolitan Press in Dallas, Texas. He has a deep commitment to helping others succeed and reaching out to the non-profit community through philanthropy and his business ventures.

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