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Whether you are looking for textbooks, staff development, class sets or library books in print, our knowledgeable EBS representatives are here to help you.

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EBS Is Your Single Source for All Educational Books.

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Express Booksellers offers savings up to 40% off the publisher’s list price.

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  • Hassle-free tax-exempt ordering
  • Purchase Order Accounts
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Affiliated Co-Ops

Express Booksellers is an awarded vendor for these purchasing cooperatives and many more public school districts, private schools, non-profits and colleges across the country.

Region 5 ESC Co-op logoGood buy purchasing program of the education service center, region 2 logoESC 20 - serving the educational communitychoice partners co-op logoRegion 13 Education service center logosbuy board cooperative purchasing co-op logoASC Allied States Cooperative - co-op logo1GPAMRPC TexasPCARegion 3 ESCEPIC6TIPSCMBLRegion 7 ESC Purchasing and Vendor ServicesEducation Service Center Region 11